Goodby to Jasper

Around 5 our neighbor knocked on our door and showed me that Jasper was laying in the road in front of our house dead. :( I'm so sad. I'm going to miss him. He was my faithful running companion. On Monday when we ran his fur was covered with frost when we got back because it was so cold. I got him so food and petted him and told him what a great running friend he is.
He was such a smart dog he knew all of the turn around points when I would run. He would stop and wait for me at every one of them and if I kept going he would lick my leg and then keep running with me. I hate to be licked and he would always sneak and lick me whenever possible. Every time I was getting into the van he would lick my jeans.

I always felt safe running with him because people are so scared of him and I know he would have protected me if I'd needed it.

We are going to get another dog but I can't imagine that we will ever get one that is as great of a companion as Jasper. Jasper was such a loving dog.

I didn't go out to the road to see Jasper. I've seen other animals laying in the road dead before, and I didn't want to remember him that way. Austin went out with Tyler to see him. It appears that one of those semi trucks that carry cattle hit him. They whip by our house a lot going fast. We live on a gravel road but some of them still get up to 60.

Spencer, Jemma (my SIL), and I stayed in the house and cried. I'll miss my faithful loving friend.


Davis Family 5 said…
OH Jenny. That is so sad. I'm so sorry your sweet dog is gone. :(
Anonymous said…
oh, Jenny! I am so sorry! Losing a pet is so hard! Poor Jasper, I know how much you loved him :(
Covington's said…
oh Jenny I'm so sorry. Sometimes it feels as nothing will replace him. But in time you will grow to love another dog just as much. And I am a firm believer in resurrected dogs too. You will probably get the chance to see your furry friend again someday hopefully. My prayers are with you.
Bridget said…
I'm so sorry Jen! That is terrible! =( Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
I'm sorry about Jasper! We are all sad for you.
He sure was a licker. I don't think I ever escaped walking past him without a lick.
Sorry to hear about your dog. If you lived in Wisconsin, I would give you ours. Good luck with finding another one.
kari said…

That is so hard. I still remember how I felt when my dad came home and told me that ours was gone. Like you, I couldn't go and see him. Hopefully, you can find a another great one.
Heather said…
That is so sad!! I am so sorry! It has to be hard when you have a pet that is part of the family!!

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