Yesterday my little Brig turned 1! It is so hard to see my baby growing up and to know that I might not have any more :(

Here is a pic of me a year ago on Christmas

Here is a pic of me now

Here is a Pic of my little Brig when he was born

Here is a pic of my little Brig on his first Birthday.
What a sweet peaceful baby my little Brig is. I know Heavenly Father sent him to be a part of our family.


Davis Family 5 said…
How can a year go by so fast? You look fabulous by the way. And yeah, WHAT is it with hair cuts making our sweet boys look so grown up? So not fair.
Happy New Year!
Tennille said…
It is so fun to see your family! Congrats on your new is amazing what happens in just a few years! I am so glad you found us..keep in touch.
Heather said…
Brig is adorable! Happy Birthday! I love your hair, that length looks really good on you!:) You were so skinny when you were pregnant, all baby I guess!!:)
Anonymous said…
I love your haircut too - you look so young!

Lots of milestones going on with you guys - birthdays, a baptisim and a first haircut! Your kids are getting so big!

You look so great pregnant!! I vote for one more! :)
Davis Family 5 said…
Hi Jenny,

Do you mind if I add you to my blog roll? Let me know :)
Hey Jenny
I didn't know you had a blog! I love facebook and blogging to keep up to date with everyone. Your family is getting so big. I remember your two older boys as little toddlers. I can't believe how fast time has gone! Check out our blog and let's keep in touch better!
Covington's said…
Hey come check out my blog Jenny. I have been wondering what youa re up too!
Juliann said…
Jenny, it is just NOT normal that you look so incredibly good during pregnancy and immediately after! Seriously! I don't know anyone like you!

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