My, My, How time flies

I haven't even posted one blog entry in November. I've been meaning to, I just haven't taken the time.

On the 11th of November our school puts on a Veterans day program. It is a really nice tribute. Every time I go I get emotional. I am so grateful for this beautiful country that we live in.

My sister Christine had surgery on her sinus and nose this month. I'm glad that it all turned out and that she is doing better. I really missed talking to her a lot and wished that I lived close enough to help her. There was one birthday a few years ago, where I felt like I had no friends in the world and I look outside and she came to visit and brought me a cake so that I wouldn't have to bake my own. I am thankful for the great friend that she is to me.

This week I had to help with the Thanksgiving Feast in Hailey's class since I am the room mom. I had to take a crock pot of chicken noodle soup. It was fun to go and help. I had enough soup left over for a few On Wednesday we had no water for most of the day because we are remodeling one of our bathrooms and the plumber came and we had to have it turned off. It sure makes me thankful for water! The kids got out of school at 1:30 on Wednesday and we had planned to leave to Utah (we were going to Grandma Daltons house in Tooele)from there but the plumber took a long time to finish and we didn't end up leaving until 4:30. The ride down went pretty well. Not too much fighting from the kids, however when we were just around the corner from Grandma Dalton's house Hailey threw up. She is our child that gets car sick. I told her next time that she feels car sick she needs to let us know a little bit sooner.

Thanksgiving was relaxing and fun. The food was really good and Grandma Dalton made us feel very welcome in her home. We were very thankful that we could go down and visit her.

I had considered going to some black Friday sales but I didn't want to have to try and hide things for the way back, plus I really wanted to sleep in! The ride back home was one of the most miserable that we have had. Austin was having one of his "special" moments where everything made him want to fight. At one point we pulled over and told him to start walking. No, we wouldn't have made him walk the whole way but maybe a mile would have helped him burn off some of his madness.

Before we left I sent a message to my brother on facebook. I told him that I'll never give up hope for him to change. When he gets tired of living the addict lifestyle there is always somewhere for him to go. I then sent him the link to project recovery I don't really think he is ready to change but I want him to know where he can go if he is ready, and that I'll never give up hope for a change.


Debbie D said…
Wow, sounds like a busy weekend. I'm so sorry you had to deal with car sickness and "special moments". Ahh, memories in the making....
Christine said…
That's too bad that Hailey puked! I think we've all had a kid do that on a trip. It really stinks!!
I've missed talking to you.
Too bad I don't live close enough for some leftover chicken noodle soup. Maybe I just need your recipe.
Did you forget Austin's medicine? I know that doesn't cure all of the "special" moments. A few weeks ago, I made Caleb get out and walk when we got to our neighborhood when he was having one of those moments. Don't worry, I drove slowly and watched him walk home.

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