"Mom You're Drunk"

For Christmas this year we went to California with Tyler's family. We planned to spend a day at Disneyland and a day at California Adventure. I had planned to buy the kids some kind of souvenir while we were there. On the day we went to California Adventure it was quite chilly that morning. I didn't bring a jacket but I wasn't worried because the sun was shining and we were walking around.......with the exception of Ethan. He really can't walk long distances, so we rented a wheelchair. Since Ethan was so cold, I went to a souvenir shop while he was on a ride and bought him a hoodie. He was quite grateful at that time because he felt so cold. Later on in the day I took Brigham and Hailey to buy something. Hailey picked Mini Mouse ears with a bow, and Brigham picked a double fan that spins with lights. At this point Ethan starts to feel jealous and a little bit jipped because he wants a toy. I told him sorry but his hoodie was his souvenir. He was kind of mad and sulky the rest of the night. A little side note here. When I get really tired I my mood is generally either laughing happy or crying depressed. When we were done with the lights and water show we decided to head back to the rental house. On the way to the car I see a giant lollipop stick on the ground still wrapped up. Since I am such a frugal minded Mother I say "Hey Ethan, there is your souvenir, and look it is still in the wrapper." Ethan replies "No, That is gross mom. You don't know where that sucker has been." Hailey then agreed, I said you are right, but wait.......this is your last chance for another souvenir. They left it on the ground and kept walking to the van, Hailey rolling her eyes at me. I then said: You are right you never know where that sucker has been. Someone probably bought that sucker and took it into the bathroom swirled it around in the toilet and then left it there for some kid to find. I then laughed....or perhaps even cackled evily, and had a brilliant idea. I suggested that next time we go to Disney instead of enjoying the rides we should buy a sucker swirl it around in the toilet and then leave it on the ground for some unsuspecting kid to find, and better yet we could hide in the huge hedges they have and watch..............lol. I then cackled some more at how clever I am. Hailey pipes in "Mom some jokes are mean funny, and some jokes are just mean, and that joke is just mean." Being the stellar example of a good Mother, I dissagreed with her and decided that we should put it up for a vote ............So I asked the kids by raise of hand who wanted to do the sucker swirly. Brigham and Max voted with me, and Hailey, Ethan and Tyler voted against me. Spencer and Austin were riding with Grandma and Grandpa (however, being adolecent boys I'm sure they would have voted with me). As we pulled up to the stoplight outside of Disneyland I saw some pedestrians crossing the rode and began to narrate the action for us. There was a family trying to cross quickly because the crossing light was going to change. One of the ladies dropped something and had to run back and get it. I yelled out some encouragement inside our car. She made it to her item and across the road in the nick of time. I again laughed. Brigham never really seeing me laughing tired looks at me and in all seriousness says "Mom, you're drunk." Of course I then had to laugh some more. Then I proceeded to tell him: Yes, Yes I am. I am drunk on LOVE..........lol. Ahhh............the fun of family Vacations. With me as the crazy mother!


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