Music...a lesson in emotions

My son Austin has always been quite challenging for me. So challenging that I sought counseling to help me know how to deal with him. One thing I really wanted him to learn as a boy was to have compassion for others. As I prayed and thought about how to deal with him I decided I needed to find someone in whom he could offer service to. There aren't any rest homes close by so I pondered who he could help. I remembered an older lady in our ward that needed interaction so badly they would pass a sign up sheet In Relief Society. I set it up so that while his other siblings had piano lessons he would go to Norene's house and visit. For over a year and a half he went over once a week and visited. Norene was very gifted musically, when she was younger she was invited to attend Julliard school of music. She loved music. Because of her health issues she was no longer able to play the piano or sing. My Austin was able to help fill some of her love of music by being In her home and playing her piano. I even played for her a few times...and she loved every moment of it. My younger kids would come into her house every time and she would share her little snack bowl of cereal with them. On Halloween I would make it a point for us to stop and visit her. On the last Halloween that we visited before her death we had a nice visit and then Austin stood up and said "well I guess I should play the piano for you now." He got up and played so beautifully. There was such a moment of peace in her home I wish I could have stayed there the whole night. A few months ago a good friend's husband passed away in a tragic accident. I planned to go to the viewing alone, but somehow circumstances changed and Austin ended up coming with me. My friend knew of Austin's talent on the piano and asked him to play. Austin sat down and played Chopin's Grande Valse Billiante so beautifully in the room that everyone could feel it. At the end my friend, with tears in her eyes, thanked him for making her feel happier with his song. I know that music has the power to convey emotion and I am so thankful for my Austin's music talents.


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