Yesterday I let Spencer make bananna nut bread. It is one of his favorite things. I think the kids have stopped eating banannas just so they can get ripe enough for bread. Lately I have let Spencer cook with my supervision. Everything was ready to go for the bread except for the nuts which Spencer was chopping. I needed to give Brig a bath so I got the loaf pans ready and went to give Brig his bath. Well in the meantime while Spencer was chopping away on the nuts Ethan pulled a chair up to the counter to help. He stuck his entire hand in the batter and then not liking how dirty his hand was began to flip it everywhere. It was flipped all over the cupboards and counters. The worst part was that I had to finish giving Brig his bath before I could put a stop to it! LOL...I think that I have worked harder on keeping my house clean since school has been out and it looks so much messier. We ended up having to shampoo the kitchen carpet. My little Ethan is such a fun 2 year old that I can't stay mad at him though.

Ballerina Ethan

Ethan is all boy but he loves to play dress ups with Hailey, and I couldn't resist taking a pic of my ballerina boy.


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