Unpleasant Story with TMI

A couple of weeks ago Ethan was sick with some stomach bug. He only puked once but it seemed like everything that he ate was running through him.

I thought we were over the worst of it and badly needed to get a few items from the grocery store so I decided to make the trip. When we got to Smiths he told me that he needed to go pee................For those of you with a sensitive stomach stop reading here....lol. Well since he isn't tall enough to reach over the toilet yet I usually just let him stand on my feet to give him a couple more inches. Well let me tell you this was a bad idea as he went diarreah all over the front of my pants. I just had to get paper towells and wipe my pants off the best that I could. Then I finished my shopping trip with wet stinky pants. I wanted to go straight home the second it happened but since we don't live close to town I knew I needed to just get it done. The good news is that my pants were almost dry when we got home.


Heather said…
That is horrible!!! Some of the amazing things we deal with because we love our kids!!:)
EWWWWWWWW! I am SOOOO sorry! I recently woke up to something very similar. A couple of weeks ago Maggie woke up and she discovered that she pooped her pants overnight. Maggie is a real sound sleeper and she just didn't wake up and pooped the bed. It was a mess and a chore and I felt like I had poop on me but I didn't. I know alittle how you feel. MAggie wasn't even sick. Well I hope he is better now.
Yuck! I'm sorry that happened.
Someday you'll look back and laugh..maybe when he is an adult and gets pooped on.
I hope everyone gets feeling better.
Oh Jenny! I feel for you I really do! You're a good mom!
Natalie said…
Hi Hepworth family,
We wanted to check in and see how Lia is adjusting. I am sure she thinks she is in heaven. If you would like to e-mail us your address we can send you her papers,we forgot to give them to you. Hope all is going smoothly.The Boyack family

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