A soda story

If you know me very well, you know that I'm kind of anti-Soda ( I don't buy it unless someone has the flu, but if we are somewhere that it is being served I don't stop them from drinking it) and I'm definitely anti-caffeinated Soda. If you want to drink it that is fine, but I'm not going to and I don't really let my kids drink soda often and almost never caffeinated. The other day I picked Spencer up for an orthodontist appointment from school. When we got home he pulled out a full bottle of Dr. Pepper. He said one of his friends at school had brought it and when he went to open it soda squirted on him. He decided that he didn't want it and gave it to Spencer. Spencer knows how I feel about drinks with caffeine in them so He brought it home and asked me if he could have it. I told him he could. I actually felt proud that he would come home and ask me. He could have gone the sneaky route and just drank it at school but he did the right thing. Spencer is such a nice boy. He helps me so much. He really is my right hand man :)


The Hoggan's said…
I am really anti-soda too! In fact, when I wrote notes for Mom, Chrissy, and Ralphie about babysitting Sicily, I wrote that soda makes her sick. Really she has never had it, but I was worried that if I just put: "NO SODA," then a certain rascally aunt or uncle would be tempted to give her some! Lol! Spencer is a good boy, I would be proud too!
Kristen said…
I feel the same way. I get a little loopy when I drink soda. I think maybe it's the aspartame. Or sugar high, I don't know. But we do it for fun times anyway. Never caffeine. That IS something to be proud of, that he would come home and ask you. Honesty rocks!
Juliann said…
That's really cool, Jenny!! I myself happen to be quite the believer in caffeine, but I can see where other people would have the opposite view. I would be way proud of Spencer, too!

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