Sweet Brig

Brig has been such a sweet baby. He has been so patient and tollerant as I have been trying to get all of the painting done so that the carpet can be laid next week. I left a paint can down that I thought was empty and little Brig crawled over to it and had quite a bit of fun. Good thing he was already wearing a dirty onsie. Yes after this I just threw it away..lol


Here is the other reason that his onsie was so dirty before the paint. I made brownies with Ethan and I let Brig lick the spatula. I don't normally just hand it to him but I had him in his high chair and decided that I didn't care.


He licked the spatula before he got into the paint, just in case you wondered.


Brig is so cute! Come on, I know you really let him dip the spatula in the paint to lick. :)
Heather said…
That picture is so cute (messy but cute)!!!! It's amazing how fast they can get dirty!:)

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