My Little Ethan?......

Taking the kids on a cruise was one of the best vacations that we have had. It was very relaxing and the cruise ship has plenty of activities for the kids. While we were on the cruise Marge brought to my attention that there is something going on with Ethan. I am a big fan of taking the stairs on the cruise the elevators are slow and the stairs are good exercise. I have always noticed that Ethan walks and runs a little funny, but I just figured it would work itself out as he got older. He was the slowest at walking and has to plant both feet on every stair when walking up and down the stairs. I also know that he gets tired easily and if you ask him how he likes kindergarten he will say "I hate it because I can't get a drink when I am thirsty." I had his thyroid screened and they also checked for diabetes in December and both came back normal. When we got home from the cruise I took him into the doctor to ask about his walking and what might be going on. They did a CK test if it was high then there was a possibility of muscular dystrophy. The test came back
normal. We went and saw a physical therapist and made an appointment to see a neuromuscular pediatrician at Primary Childrens Hospital. The physical therapist told us that there wasn't anything he could do for Ethan. He could see that there was something wrong but just to go and see the Specialist. At physical therapy we could see that Ethan only walks on the heels of his feet and doesn't use his calf muscles. He is unable to stand on one leg and raise himself to the toes of his feet and can't hop or jump very well. I have googled every symptom that I can think of for my little boy and I come up with nothing. The doctor isn't able to get Ethan in until May 18th. At first I felt sorry for my little Ethan because right now it is apparent that he won't be walking or running like a normal person. Ethan has such a sweet personality, even when we are having a lot of tension or fighting in our home he walks around whistling or singing and he is so creative at coloring. He also makes up songs on the piano and can't wait until he is old enough to take lessons. I love my sweet little Ethan and so glad that he is a part of our family.


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